The New Apple iPhone Attractions mockup spotted with iOS 6

iOS 6, Parallel to the Galaxy exists S III hype continue the great question of the new Apple iPhone. Away from the extra digits will be the iPhone 4S successors only the name “The New iPhone” get. There are at least the experts agree. In addition, but the draw speculation about the appearance and features wide circles in the media sphere. So while many a respectable comes mockup located at the very nerve-wracking waiting some time to work towards something.

The hardware at a glance

The colleagues of have even the graphics pen to exercise, and a very handsome, “The New iPhone ‘concept created. This design appears to be significantly thinner than that of the current Apple iPhone. Installed is a 4-inch display, among other things to the new iOS 6 provide a correspondingly large playground. Moreover, here again is the implementation of a capacitive “Home button” is used. The keys are in the implementation mockup sent sunk into the device and the mute button gets a new design donated.

iOS 6 is also on board

The team at Apple has continued Page thinks about the implementation of the new iOS 6 made. Apparently Apple will be the next big update iOS bring an equally large new iPhone. One may be more than excited. Here are among other configurable widgets at a premium. How it might look like in practice, tells us also of the view of the new iPhone mockup. Another highlight is also the even more rapid access to the new language assistant “Siri” pose. Here the ideas could be the ambitious graphic According soft internal search of the language assistant.

iOS 6, And now you’re asking. What do you think the current “The New iPhone” Mockup of the apple page forge?

iPhone Mockup 214x300 The New Apple iPhone Attractions mockup spotted with iOS 6

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