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CSR Rancing – Get free cars and changes

Posted on Jul 8, 2012 by in Games | 0 comments

CSR Rancing, Yesterday was published a very fun game of auto racing, In Which Many users will like this game. But Some Call for methods to make money or buy expensive cars in the game. Well here I bring to hack in which they can buy any type of car they want for free without spending a single penny of your money in the game, and may also modify the maximum free. Updated the second video will show how to make unlimited money.

Disclaimer: I personally do not like to use these kind of tricks or hack and want to call. Why lose all the fun in the game, but here I say without the steps and requirements to do so.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or supuerios
No need to miss the Jailbreak.
Requires iTune Store account to download the game.
Download the file that contains the hack.
They need a program to log in via SSH to your device.

Information: The first video is to get all the cars and modifications free, without spending money. The next video will be on how to get money and gold all you want for free.

CSR Rancing Video :

Note: All the link I put on this page are links that do not expire ever premium. Therefore, if you click the link they will tell you to wait 5 seconds and those seconds will have passed the link to download the hack of the game.

Download Unlimited Money Hack CSR Rancing
Unlimited Money Hack Rancing CSR

This part is if they want to hack and get free cars and modifications without paying anything.
Download CSR Rancing Hack:

Download Hack updated.
Download CSR Rancing Hack Updated

In the upgrade you can buy the two cars missing
Ford Mustang Boss 302
Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

Download the game if you do not have
Download CSR Rancing:

Note: If you find cars that are not please tell me free in the comments to edit the file and upload it back to be put down. I put the name of the car and how much is its price.


Step 1) Connect your iDevice to the computer and open the program to enter via ssh. They can use iFunbox, Winiscp, iPhoneExplorer, Cyberduck etc

Step 2) Then unzip the file, and you’ll get a file named


Step 3) I will use the program iPhoneExplorer, you can use that you like, and are directed to the following path

/ Var / mobile / Aplications

If you use another program other than mine, when they come to this route will leave several folders with funny names in COMBINATION with letters and numbers. If you use iFunbox iPhoneExplorer or leave them on behalf of each application.

Step 4) Seek the game folder called CSR Rancing, look inside that folder another folder called go in and look for another folder called more AppDataRoot. are found within a file with the same name as downloaded above. What you have to do is remove the one on the path and replace it with the one downloaded.

Step 5) Once this is done only do a respring or reboot and enter the end game and be able to buy the cars they want and change it to the fullest.

Screenshots CSR Rancing:

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