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The Surprising Benefits of Being Able to Select Movies on Demand

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It is now possible to select the movie you want to see exactly when you are in the mood for it and without leaving the house. This is a huge benefit when you simply want to see something enthralling on screen without planning it in advance or going to any trouble. However what about the slightly more surprising benefits to this way of viewing films whenever you feel like it?

Get Romantic

It used to be that to set up a romantic mood we would head to our music collection and look for that tried and trusted old Barry White album. Now we can get the right atmosphere going by looking for the kind of movie which will help the evening along. There have been some great romantic comedies and weepies out in the last few years which most people would find hard to resist. The likes of Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached are pretty much guaranteed to get you both feeling romantic and there are plenty more out there in the same vein.

Cheer Yourself Up

If you are feeling a bit down in the dumps and aren’t quite sure why then your television can really help cheer you up. A good old fashioned comedy or feel good movie can make you forget that you were feeling bad in the first place. The tried and tested formula of hunkering down with some snacks and dimming the lights never seems to fail when we need to forget about our worries for a while. If you prefer your escapism to come with action and adventure then you can trust James Bond and superheroes like Batman and Spiderman to transport you to a different world for a couple of hours.

Learn Something New

Perhaps the most surprising benefit to movies on demand is that they offer a great way of learning new things. Whether you want to see a foreign language effort which shows a culture you are unaware of or an intellectually stimulating movie you can do so when the mood takes you. This gives you a lot of flexibility in your viewing habits and will mean that you can learn some interesting facts while you get entertained, which is never a bad thing. This benefit might come to you as a surprise at first but after a while you will realise that your ability to check out movies whenever you want to has completely changed your outlook on watching films at home.

Dead Trigger 1.1.2 for iPhone And iPad Free a limited time

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People Madfinger Games has updated the hit game Dead Trigger for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3G/4G and iPod touch to run with IOS 4.2 or later. The big news is that for a limited time you can download totally free Dead Trigger for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, so it will have much more action with new weapons, new levels, new missions, new zoombies, and Fixed issue.

Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod nano 3G, iPod touch 4G and iPad.
Requires iPhone OS 4.2 or later.
It does not require Jailbreak
Having cast an account in iTune Store

Dead Trigger features advanced lighting effects, characters, environments and real 3D audio and a level of detail never before seen in a game for mobile devices.

Dead Trigger 1 300x200 Dead Trigger 1.1.2 for iPhone And iPad Free a limited timeDead Trigger 2 300x200 Dead Trigger 1.1.2 for iPhone And iPad Free a limited time

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The Dark Knight Rises (Tip)

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How about friends, here once again bringing you a new trick to play The Dark Knight Rises which was released last week. Well the trick is to have many coins, to buy everything that has the game. No more I leave the video instructions.

Compatible with all devices
Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or higher.
Having done the jailbreak on your device.
Have a program to enter via SSH
Download the trick.

Follow the instructions in the video.


NOTE BEFORE DOWNLOAD: I will leave the original trick which if used will be at level 1. But I will leave the trick with my data gurdado this at level 20. And you test if they work with my data to be so. Notify a comment and delete the original trick in level 1 and just leave mine to use it.

Click again when you get about 5 seconds wait and give the download link. If you ask because I’m using this, is to help me pay the premium host of features that I use to upload the content and they are always active to you all. It is temporary thanks.

Download The Dark Knight Rises Original Level 1 (Tip)

Download The Dark Knight Rises with my level 20 data (Tip)

The instructions are the same as the other trick. Remember to save a copy of what you will replace


Step 1) Connect the device to the computer, open any program that can be used to enter via ssh. And go to the following path.

var / mobile / application / TCT /

Step 2) replace the folder Documents that have the game laying downloaded. REMEMBER TO KEEP THE ORIGINAL FOLDER BEFORE replace

Step 3) Echo all that enter the game and have a lot of money, I leave a catch. have more than me.

The Dark Knight Rises 300x225 The Dark Knight Rises (Tip)

The Dark Knight Rises (Tip) Video :

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