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Apple TV in 2014 – or not at all?

Posted on May 6, 2012 by in Apple | 0 comments

Apple TV in 2014 – The rumor mill just can not let go of him: the HDTV from Apple. As always, not only discussed the specifications, but also about the release date. While many of this year, is expected no later than early 2013, sign up now analysts to speak to the appearance of an iTV or not iPanel expected before 2014.


The analyst Mark Moskowitz of the investment bank JP Morgan expects that Apple will not be before 2014 will go with an HDTV on the market. According to his testimony there is no indication that Apple will later this year to bring out its own TV. In addition, the current economic conditions are not optimal for Apple to allow the greatest possible success with an HDTV. The TV market is a fiercely fought, would, despite the excellent quality of Apple products is the company be hard to break into the market. Compared to Apple Insider (English), he said:

We are not sure that the Apple premium could prevail in the TV market, unless there is a radical change of the user interface, integration of the TV programming and data content, and use of gesture or voice control.

Despite his skepticism, Moskowitz, but assumes that Apple would revolutionize the market, unless a specific Apple TV comes out. He assumes that the company will choose a slow approach:

We believe Apple can design a smart set-top box to manage all components behind the end user’s TV experience, as well as eliminate the often-cumbersome user interface provided by the cable and satellite operators.

So Apple will first expand on the Apple TV . Especially on the content side is still much room. If one considers that the Apple TV was just updated, you can probably 2013 with a new, much more advanced version expected. 2014 at the earliest it could be a likely full HDTV. This will probably stand out above all in the display quality of the competition. Moskowitz hopes for a “retinal display” quality in large format.


With all the speculation about Apple TV may be one to remember: To date there is no information prior to confirming an appropriate plan from Apple. Apple itself can be moved, as always, to no comment. All the rumors about the iTV or iPanel so far are pure speculation.

Apple TV in 2014 – However, there are speculations that do not appear likely. Apple’s strategy is to make the recording of content for the user as comfortable as possible. The jump to a eigenens TV, the Apple meets the high standards makes sense because only. In addition, Apple is on the TV market with the Apple TV just yet represented. In order to properly break into the high-end market base is a separate TV is a must.

However, the following applies: As long as Apple is not the iTV confirmed, it is nothing more than a rumor.